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The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe ****Review copy received through Netgalley for an honest review.****

After the last page turned I could hear a haunting melody still weaving its way through my mind. To this day I can say only two other books have ever done that to me. I admit that The Sweetest Dark didn't have the intensity of those two titles, the point is that this book did sing.

Abe is an author I've heard many wonderful things about, yet I've been putting off for fear of being let down. Yeah, I do that a lot. The writing style reminds me of some of the most magical epic fantasy writing I've read, but mixed with a posh style of solid Historical Romance.

With the words "Those nights, in the sweetest dark, we shared our dreams." the tone of the romance is set (plus the basis for the title). It's beautiful and heart wrenching. The sweetness of first love and the bitter shock of loss. This book deals with grief, war, death, fear, madness, and the cruelty of humanity. That's not to say that the magic of simple acts and pure emotions doesn't balance it out. Not to mentions the magic of dragons and stars.

Many fans will know what's going on and probably be leaps ahead of first time readers. For first time readers the mystery of what dragons, or "drákon", truly is will just barely be answered. There's many questions and hints of what happened to the drákon race, are there only two left in the world, and so much more. My head was spinning with the possibilities.

Adult only readers should find comfort in the maturity of this YA title. Abe does a beautiful job and fans shouldn't be too upset about the age difference here. After this glimmer of the drákon world I know I'll be checking out her adult series. Fans of fantasy can not miss this title, especially fans of dragons. Don't be mislead thinking this books is "just" another YA historical romance soap opera. It's so much more.

Sexual Content: Mild sexual content, and some sexual talk. This is a historical setting around the time of WWII so it’s like elegant sexual content.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

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Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins, #1) - Suzanne  Wright Giggling. It is a word I now cringe to see on the page. Everybody giggles in this book. Laughing and chuckling do not exist. Every time a strong male character, or even the lead herself, started giggling I was completely pulled out of the book. In real life giggling is annoying, I think on the page it's only made more annoying. Don't even get me started on some of the other grammatical errors.

Yes, this book made me laugh. No, the plot was not engaging. The male lead, Jake, was horrible. He is a sexist prick and up to the point that I read to he doesn't get over it. The strong female lead justifies his action. The excuse that he's a man in power and is just enjoying the perks of those powers does not cut it. He treats his three concubines horribly! He doesn't treat them like humans, but possessions. Even after he develops and admits his feelings for Sam he's still sexist. Jake never truly makes the revelation that the way he acts towards woman is wrong, even after he gets his HEA with Sam.

Sam is a strong female and the character that is being built does not fit the stupidity that leaps out and slaps the readers. She doesn't want to be a possession anymore, but she lusts after Jake immediately even after she realizes he’s a sexist jerk. My understanding is that there love makes her accept Jake's over bearing personality, possessiveness, and all that annoying stuff. But I didn't feel it.

The book is rough, and I'm beyond disappointed by all the positive reviews. Even if the story was brilliant, the writing would have pulled it down. Here Be Sexist Vampires tries too hard. The few laughs were great, but the story was frustrating.

Sexual Content: The majority of the book has no sex scenes. There’s plenty of sexual humor abound. A few sites have this labeled under erotica, to me it reads like a PNR. The most mild erotica I have ever read.

1/5- I couldn't finish it or wish I hadn't

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The Witch Collector Part I - Loretta Nyhan ****Review copy received for an honest review.****

Witches are my top favorite paranormal "creatures"—next to shifters of course. They tantalize me whether they be dark and disturbing, or sparkling good. One of the sad parts about witch themed books is that many times they come a crossed too juvenile and undeveloped. The Witch Collector thankfully is one that I can tell everyone the good news about! This is solid craft people!

With that said, this review has taken me so long to put into words. I enjoyed the read and the story was fun. However, I kept trying to remember why I liked the book when there was very little meat to the story. I was nibbling on scraps and by the time I finished reading it I felt . . . hungrier. Then it hit me, I had only read the first half of a book. Don't confuse it with a cliffhanger. All of it was "setup" storylines that make me grumble and moan until I get to the good stuff.

The concept of the witches here are promising and I love what the book is hinting at. Everyone knows how picky I am about my witches, I don't just want happy chanting and pretty rhymes. There's also hints of other magic such as alchemy, demons . . .

The main character's parents haven't given her enough info and they of course vanish and she's left with this whole mystery to solve about her special witch magic. For someone who grew up in a community of witches she's almost as ignorant as the reader. The characters are something that definitely stood out to me, they helped to add depth to the story. The love interest is building up nicely and is hinting at a love triangle . . . and that's where I have to stop.

I know this is something new publishers are trying, but it doesn't work for me. I want to read the whole book, not one half at a time. It feels like I can't accurately review this book. Because at this point it's just an average read, who knows what the other half is going to contribute. Normally I'd give it a 2/5, but the author’s world and writing is strong enough that I feel confidante enough as to where this series is going. Yes, it cuts of right in the middle of where things are finally building up in the story line and we're going to see some action. Despite the standard plot tropes this book is worth a read, and I am looking forward to the next installment!

Sexual Content: Clean, there is some mild sexual content.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

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Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Kenyon's Dark Hunter series is not my favorite PNR series. This spin-off made me nervous. Many readers told me that the Dark Hunter books get better a ways down the line, and I believe that with Infinity Kenyon has come a long ways.

I've only read about two books of her adult series, but I knew enough of the characters to enjoy the over lapping stories. Plus, this is years before the Dark Hunter series and it's beyond fun getting to see Tabitha the High School zombie/vampire killer! Nick fascinated me from Night Pleasures, and I was super stoked to be reading about him. If a reader has never read the Dark Hunter series you might feel like your out of the loop, but the story is still easy to follow with out reading those before hand.

The plot was tons of fun with the "living zombies" and the evil lure of the video game world! It introduced Nick to his Malachai status nicely, though the status of Malachai is never truly explained. Not sure if fans are supposed to already know from the other series, or if the reader is supposed to go off of hints only. So far I know it's a powerful demonic type that easily gives into evil and that somehow Nick is important to the end of the world.

All the characters are fun and I love Nick's relationship with his mother. It shows how much love a poor dirty-dancing mom can provide for her son. It also puts into play how one can over come bullying and become stronger because of it. Also shows that the bully may not be happy with their life.

Infinity is a great way for readers to enjoy the Dark Hunter world, but avoid some of the hang-ups that may have put readers off of the adult series. The time travel twist, cameos, and Nick's "born standing up and talking back" attitude is priceless. This book is great and brains will be spilled.

Sexual Content: Sexual humor. There are strippers and demeaning talk of mothers by bullies.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

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Violet Midnight - Lynn Rush Right off the bat I was put off. A vampire with a mark that starts to glow when vampires are near? Sorry, but that’s just stupid. First off all the hunter has to cover up the mark so no one notices, which begs to question why the glow. Secondly if the hunter forgets about it then they’re just glowing out there like good vampire bait. Then the magic weapons pulled out of thin air happened and I was all in! Yes, girl and their toys.

Emma is a college student by day and a vampire hunter by night. She keeps a low profile and only has a few select friend. She’s mind wiped a few—which to me is kind of crappy—and does what she needs to to keep under the radar. However, after months of quiet the vampires are starting to attack in clusters. Something is up, and then Jake steps in.

While the name is kind of common in the genre, the man is not! There’s some great chemistry here! Which I love you just can’t top great chemistry to get your blood pumping. The action scenes are edgy and only add to the great passing of this book. It’s the perfect kind of action.

Sure there are a few minor problems that irritated just a itsy bit, but the over all funness of this book. It’s a great action book highlighting the fun bits of why readers love vampire hunter stories.

Sexual Content: It’s clean for the kiddies.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

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Mine to Possess  - Nalini Singh Absolutely beautiful in its painful truth, Singh pulls readers into the most stunning book in the Psy-Changeling series yet. It plays in the gray and utter pitch blackness of evil. Clay's dark and mysterious past has been a taunting tale only hinted at in the previous books. So when Talin tracks him down and is about to confront Clay despite her fear of him . . . I new things were going to be complicated.

At first Talin put me off, she was so damaged that I got frustrated by her. Then as only Singh can truly achieve, every emotional level, fear, and scar was laid bare. To be honest I got the sniffles a number of times. Then rage would kick in over the indignation of how Talin's childhood and future was stolen and altered by such horrific events. After that, the awe settled in. The beauty of overcoming those trials, and becoming such as amazing woman was . . . really there are no words.

Digging into Clay was another treasure trove. Watching Clay and Talin find and understand each other was the epitome of amazing. Their childhood friendship and trust blooming into such a passionate love. It tops all of the other books in this series. The sex wasn't just about finding a mate or giving in to new emotions. It was about trust. A kind of trust that was so pure.

There were a few things that cut back on my enjoyment. Some minor grammar flaws and then a spot where the the names of the characters got a bit jumbled. Singh has a strong enough voice that I knew who was really speaking, but it was annoying. Talin's "sickness" was so obvious that I felt more agitated that it was used as a plot device that was supposed to add a huge dramatic effect. Waiting for Singh to step up her plotting, I'm out guessing!

Despite those annoying flaws Psy-Changeling series has gotten better and better after each book. The introduction of the Forgotten and how humans bind the world with Psy and Changeling is a wonderful idea. The world is developed well enough that the books are starting to plot out farther and farther into the Psy-Changeling universe. Mine to Possess is the strongest book in the series, this is the one you don't want to miss. A tale of romance and passion, and the healing needed to out run demons of the darkest Hell.

Sexual Content: Again nothing overly graphic for a Paranormal Romance. Children are abused and some of the things done to them are chilling. Talin has some really horrible things happen to her. While nothing is told in graphic detail readers know what happens.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

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The Magical Christmas Cat - Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones ****This is a review of Stroke of Enticement only, book 3.5 in the Psy-Changeling series.****

Ahhhhhh! This may not be an important short story to the overall plot in the Psy-Changeling universe, it is an enjoyable read. Zach is a pack member of DarkRiver—cat leopards—and Annie a cool teacher—and a wicked cool human. Sure their romance happens within 48 hours. Yet it never feels rushed.

The easy plots/mysteries that I've experienced from this series isn't an overshadowing the story and I can simply enjoy the romance. Zach heals Annie's emotional scars caused by her parents marriage and her mothers controlling manner. It's so tender watching these two.

Don't miss this cute story if you're a fan. The story of these two characters is well worth it. The cameo's of some of the other characters from previous books are so fun, plus Zach and Annie's mating comes up in Mine to Possess. The over shadowing darkness of what is happening in other other books is here, but it focuses on the brighter side. Honestly, I loved it!

Sexual Content: Just as hot as the other Psy-Changeling books.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.
Caressed By Ice  - Nalini Singh Holy hotty!! The idea of the next Psy/Changeling hook-up being a male Psy both thrilled and chilled me. As the last book said there's a reason it has been females that willingly left the PsyNet first. The take on the male emotions and drive give the Psy a new depth.

Brenna is the victim of the serial killer from the first book, Slave to Sensation. She's healed a lot since then, also buried a lot. While I didn't feel 100% convinced that she was acting how someone who had experienced all she had would, it's still well written. Her journey to completely healing was an insight to the power of a strong mind. I loved that while she wasn't a kick booty hero, she was a different kind of strong. A woman of such strength to heal from evil.

Judd is the yummy male Psy, not just any male Psy, an Arrow. An elite kind of secret assassin that “doesn’t exist”. Trained from birth to be a killer his conditioning was a lot more involved as his power is amazing, and scary. The complex process of Silence and the truth behind how individuals are brainwashed is a disturbing insight.

Yet. Yet . . . Step it up! The plot and mystery is so predictable still. Every twist, turn, and bombshell was so easily guessed. Grrrrrrrrr. It just took away from the suspense. Even Singh's amazing writing skills can not help to compensate this time. Sometimes I can predict things better than other readers, but after asking other book buddies who've read—or are reading—this series they agreed with me. Only time will tell if the later books show growth from Singh.

Judd and Brenna's story is hawt!! Feel the passion, even if the plot is a little lack luster. The books do get better and better. The insight into the Psy Council is just enough to give readers an idea where the PsyNet stands. The rebel Ghost is a huge dose of awesome! The idea of a rebel force building in the PsyNet, growing and then maybe one day over throwing the Council, is awesome!

Sexual Content: Brenna was tortured in book 1, there’s some dark stuff about that. Standard yummy Psy-Changeling bedroom scenes.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

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Visions of Heat  - Nalini Singh Boy things really did heat up! Who knew my prediction would come true right down to the name of the book. (Honestly, had no idea.) Singh takes readers even deeper into her stunningly cold world of the Psy through Faith. Faith is a an F-psy (Foresight), she's the most powerful of her generation.

Unlike Sascha, from the previous book, Faith doesn't have a connection to emotion. As an F-Psy she's been more extensively brainwashed by the Protocol. The depth of her brainwashing and conditioning is extraordinary. Faith is an amazing character from the beginning. Her powers have evolved and she's been experiencing horrific visions she doesn't understand that they are causing her to fear—though she doesn’t see it as emotion. However, she's not brainwashed enough to go to her own people about it. Especially once she realizes that the visions weren't random or madness, but the death of her sister. In an amazing show of strength she decides to find Sascha and get help.

Vaughn is immediately drawn to her. His jaguar knowing exactly what to do to push her out of her safe bubble and get her past her Silence blocks. It's amazing watching these two develope into their relationship. Vaughn's past is haunting, but not too overly done. After hearing his story I wanted to hold him, instead of laugh at the over tragicness of another PNR bad boy. Faith and Vaughn have such chemistry. The threat of a single touch could send her into seizures.

Readers still get a glimpse into the mind of Lucas, Sascha, and a few other characters. There are few parts that jump in on the Psy Council. It was great seeping into their disturbing thoughts, getting feel for how they think. The whole plot of Faith being haunted and attacked by a Psy serial killer is chilling. Watching as she grows into her gift is amazing, as most F-Psy go crazy. It's haunting that the Silence is the main cause of F-Psy going insane. The best part is the shocking truths about the NetMind.

There's a rebellion coming and seeing it slowly rising in the Psy is so tantalizing! The Psy-Changeling series clearly has an amazing world to grow into! The many facets of Visions of Heat are amazing, even if it echoes strongly of the first book. The emotions, growth, and heat of Faith and Vaughn's love story were tantalizing.

Sexual Content: Considering these books are about finding mates there not as detailed as other Paranormal Romance titles. They’re hot, but Singh relies on the emotions to bring on the heat.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

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Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh The futuristic take and tacky—horribly tacky—covers stopped me from reading this series for years. Even after buying a number of the books on close out, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. After reading Angels' Blood, the first in Singh's Guild Hunter books, and realizing that when done right I can really dig the futuristic take on UF/PNR it was time to get past my hang-ups. After all this series had many strong points going for it: animal shifters, amazing reviews from reliable book buddies, unique world, hot chemistry, and the promise that each book gets better after the next.

Addressing the unique world, it was something I didn't fully understand. Unique doesn't even begin to describe it. In 1969 the Psy, beings with super mental powers, telekinesis, telepathy, and such, decided to wipe out rage in the species. Ten years later Silence is created, which wipes out all emotions. After all it's "impossible to isolate that one emotion." The Psy are connected to the PsyNet, much like the internet, but it's compromised of minds. Council is the absolute power, no checks and balances. If a Psy steps out of line they can be mind wiped, turned into a walking brain dead, functioning on low levels. It's now 2079, Psy have become a huge power. However, the world is changing as Changelings adapt better and work with the humans. A Psy serial killer is picking off Changeling women. Lucas has recently lost one of his pack to the killer and is now looking for an in to find the murderer. The Psy Council is doing everything they can to cover up the killer so that the Psy image is upheld. Sascha is his in as a cardinal, she should have enough power to get him a link to the Council. What Lucas doesn't know is that Sascha is damaged and she's about to crack.

War is a constant threat on the edges of the story, as the Psy's arrogance keeps them from seeing the Changelings as the powerful and lethal threat they are. The shifters are well done, every aspect of pack hierocracy thought out. The different animals are realistic from the DarkRiver pack of leopards to the SunDancer wolf pack. The politics of why the changelings wouldn't out right attack the Psy and get justice was stunning. The simple fact that if they did that the emotionless Psy would wipe out everyone, down to the children. The plot is clever and the "politics" are so well done. The futuristic world is real enough, minus flying "skateboards" and cars. It's about what I would think we'd be technology wise. Not so advanced that I felt the need to roll my eyes.

Lucas and Sascha are immediately setup to fall for each other. Yes, I'm a bit picky about the build up of relationships in my PNR so this might not bother most readers. However, there's some dream sequences that aren't all physical fantasies—of course those don't hurt—that adds a certain depth to the relationship and helps to make the mating more realistic. Their characters are so real, I could believe in the oppression of Sascha's brainwashed life, the fear that she constantly living in. Her need for touch is so amazing that in many scenes I found myself holding my breath. Lucas has been a man since the tragic past that lead to his father and mothers death, baptizing him in blood as a strong alpha. Lucas isn't so dark and damaged as Kresely Cole’s heroines, and I found him to be more tangible and real. It was very refreshing.

The other characters are so well fleshed out in this world that my anticipation in reading their books, or simply seeing them with small rolls, promises that I will read on. The plot behind the killer was underwhelming, and the mystery of Sascha's true powers where so obvious that I felt underwhelmed. Leaving the climatic highs a little flat with me. Singh's ability to create human emotions and a rich world made up for most of it. For the next titles I'll be expecting more.

It's true!! All of the buzz you've heard from friends, fans, and reviewers! Don't let the tacky covers, or maybe futuristic setting, or other hang-ups keep you from trying this series out. Even if certain parts of Slave to Sensation disappoint Singh has enough talent to captive readers. Clearly future books are going to heat up! Despite myself I'm very curious about the Psy and want to see a "uprising" or "civil war". The alliance of the DarkRiver and SunDancer plot tease my mind with possibilities. After all animal shifters are my Achilles’ heel in paranormal reads. I'm all in with the Psy-Changeling series!

Sexual Content: The shifters are sensual, but nothing too shocking. The sex is pretty steamy, but for a PNR it's pretty tame—that doesn't mean it ain't hot! Sexual humor and some creepy serial killer stuff. Also, some talk about a past rape and the mind rape of some victims.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

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The Cannibal Princess (Psy-Changeling #1.5) - Nalini Singh This short story is not paramount to the series. Skipping over it is not in anyway going to take away from the plots in a later book. Nope. The purpose of this short is to see Sascha and Lucas after the events of Slave to Sensation. It's sweet, fun, has one really quotable section that will make readers swoon. It adds some more depth to some favorite characters. I think that makes this short worth it.

It really is a short, like the author states a peek through a window at a moment. If you love the characters you'll want that glimpse.

Besides it's free on the author's site. Why not enjoy it?

Sexual Content: Clean. We know Lucas and Sascha are gonna get a little something, something after the last page.

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

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Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh NO. ONE. SPOIL. THIS. DO. NOT!!!!!

I'm almost there! Almost. (Kind of.) Do not pull another Vampire Academy on me my beloved GFs.
Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy, #1) - Annabell Cadiz Coming soon.
Twice Bitten - Chloe Neill Ahhhhh, finally a satisfying mystery! It was great thinking that I had solved the mystery before the big reveal time and than wham! Neill finally pulls the wool over my eyes. It was glorious! Love books that surprise me and it was soooooo great.

Of course my first complaint is about Ethan. Never really liked him (yes I mentioned how I'd like him to get killed off). Neill expands a bit and tries to show a softer side of Ethan. However, it didn't do much for me. The change in Ethan's tactics is so drastic from the last book that it was unbelievable for me. Then when he finally gets to taste the forbidden fruit he turns out to be what I had originally thought he was: an absolute jerk. Right now I'm just praying that Neill can crank out some great character development so that I can like Ethan—cause he's the man candy that poor Merit is stuck with.

Other things took away from my sheer enjoyment of a mystery well done. The other characters such as Mallory and Catcher just annoy me to death, Morgan's fall to total man-child-of-rudeness-and-stupidity just tics me off (he seemed so great in book 1 and than boom true colors.) The vampire magic and GP is still fuzzy, underdeveloped. The saving grace were the shifters and my beloved Jeff. His developing romance is wonderful. Plus the question of what kind of shifter he is tantalizes readers!

Merit is invited to join the Red Guard by Noah, head of the rogue vampires and apparently a secret society working against GP to maintain balance. The idea behind it is really exciting, but I was disappointed by the reasons she for her choice.

In the end my like and dislike of this series makes for a fun and frustrating read. Love the author’s writing style and humor, not fond of her characters. However, I'm addicted despite it all. The big shock in the next book, if what it is what I think it is, is keeping me on board for sure.

Sexual Content: There is a sex scene (no I won’t say who with) and plenty of sexual humor.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

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Pooka In My Pantry (A Monster Haven Story, #2) - R.L. Naquin Hello! The wack is back! Falling right back into the swing of things with the birth of a sea serpent, crazy mermaid kissing drunkenness (not the kind of mermaid you're thinking), and some Reaper pining. Ah, I love the smell of a kooky story.

Zoey has to watch it. She was supposed to die in the last book, and The Board of Hidden Affairs wants to fix that. Only Zoey could be bombed bad luck as a test. If she survives to the end of the week, she can live. Yet that means she has to forfeit her normal life. Because if she can out live the bad luck she's a . . . well, something even more important to the Hidden then she could have imagined. Which might be something her mother was and why she vanished so mysteriously.

On top of that the Leprechaun Mafia is in town, spreading even more bad luck. Zoey's loved ones are at risk again and there are some huge scares ahead for many of the beloved friends Andrew, Sara, and our favorite fox. Maurice leaves to try and patch things in his marriage, leaving Zoey with even more bad luck: the Pooka from the title. Don't forget that Riley and Zoey are still trying to get some romance on! The more of the Hidden world that is revealed Zoey unveils a scary secret behind the Board.

Despite the shear awesomeness of Pooka in My Pantry, I still feel the series is lacking the dark side of the emotions. One character finds out that she was incubus raped in the last book, but doesn't really react. She just nods and moves on. Don't get me wrong I think this series has great emotional development and portrayal. It's light heartedness is wonderful, but dark things have—and are—happening. There needs to be a balance.

People, pick this series up! It's a wonderful breath of fresh fun for any reader of Urban Fantasy collection. It's great to have a different kind of strong leading lady, one that I could run into on the street. Come on you know you want to meet the crazy monsters lurking behind these pages.

Sexual Content: Some sexual humor and kissing, overall pretty clean.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

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Monster in My Closet - R.L. Naquin When you read a certain genre, every once in a while you need a break. Because let's be honest no matter the genre, there are certain character molds that the leads just have to follow. So when you read a lot of Urban Fantasy you tend to get kickass females, with big mouths, witty one liners, anger issues, and trust issues. Enter Zoey. A nice change of pace from the standard UF heroine.

She's an Empath, someone who can pick up on other peoples emotions and even manipulate them, and she just found out. Not only did she find out she’s an Empath, but that other people can't feel emotions like she can! On the same day that her childhood monster in the closet comes back to live with her—his wife and him are going through a rough patch—an incubus decides that she is the perfect meal. Zoey soon finds out he can feed off of anyone that she's had contact with and left a mark on with her Empathic gifts. It's too much for a simple wedding planner to deal with!

From there this book is a pretty awesome ride of crazy. From Zoey's colorful and unique outfits—that hauntingly remind me of my own wardrobe—to all of the fun paranormal creatures that step out of the wood work. They're the Hidden, and Zoey's finds out her mother use to help them out. Now Zoey is running a kind of halfway house for them. The intriguing thing is that Zoey has no real memories of her mother and the magical things from the past, and this is a tasty mystery that is dangled like a carrot above the readers metaphorical brain-mouth.

Which is a good thing because I found the whole Incubus pot line . . . well dull. We know who's doing the killing, it's glaringly obvious that he would attack Zoey's closet friend--which doesn't even occur to her. Incubus makes dream appearances. Check. Kills people in contact with her. Check. Yet the police never wonder about the connection, supposing it's natural causes. (Young healthy woman suddenly dying, with one glaringly obvious connection. Really how can we think so little of the police?) There was an emotional lapse of how I felt Zoey should have reacted to her friend basically being raped by an incubus, good people dying, and the other horrors. It just felt underplayed.

What I did like was how Zoey decided that she would have to stand up to the incubus and save lives. There was a little "if I die then he has to go back" that was played around with, but it felt like too much after the lack of emotion from other events. There's teasing glimpses of the demon realm and it's rules, the laws of death and how it works, and a whole crazy world to pull out of Naquin's head.

The character interactions were wonderful! From Zoey's new family of "monsters" to how she suddenly starts interacting with the world once she realizes she is an Empath. It's very realistic. There's heat from her ex-fiancés of eight years, and I'm hoping he gets some serious smack down. A yummy reaper named Riley, that just riles me up. (So sue me I went there.) An overlaying giant mystery of what happened to Zoey's mother, and her missing memories. It's nice to have a strong leading lady, but one who isn't the stereotype of the genre. We all need a break, and with the awesome coo-coo-ness found here, why not give it a twirl.

Sexual Content: Nothing overly graphic, woman are dying from sex though. While it’s not the brutality of rape, it is nonconsensual none the less.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

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