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Drink Deep - Chloe Neill ***This review is written for readers who have read the previous titles***

Ethan is dead. Even though this is exactly what I wanted from book one, it feels like a scape goat. Now Merit can finally grow as a character and the readers can truly get to know her. Sure there's a lot of Ethan moaning and groaning. It also infuriates me that Merit couldn't be a character because she was so far up Ethan's butt that she couldn't be strong enough on her own.

Jonah and Merit's relationship is amazing! Jonah is the male candy that I have wanted for Merit to have from book 1. He's smart, funny, he is THERE for Merit, and it's clear that he genuinely cares for her. (Plus, so far he doesn’t have the totally wacked up vampire baggage that seems to come with the fangs.) In Jonah's hands Merit is growing and I love it, he's not over powering her.

The apocalypse is happening and the reason behind it was one of the worst apocalypses ever. Certain Cadagon vampires should have known what it was that was causing all of it. They were protecting the freaking item for goodness sake! Also, I wanted to know how the person who stole the item even knew it was there to be taken. It never fell together.

The apocalypse was fun. It allowed the books to explore sorcerers, fae, water sirens/nymphs, and some alternative myths. The GP vampire in charge of the house was a great plot show and tell for readers to see how corrupt the GP really is. It was great feeling the rage and rallying over the injustice of it all. The build up for a real adversary in Mayor Tate is awesome, as well as the development of the office of the Chicago supernatural Ombudsman.

Character development . . . er, I don't think Neill knows how to do it. Mallory changes so much and it never feels real. It's so sudden that the big plot bomb (yeah, another one!) was so obvious that I was annoyed the series was even going there. Oh, and the major plot bomb of the last book is simply taken back. Oh, and the whole Catcher thing in this book was awful. There were some tender moments and than some mood swings so big that I just couldn't believe it.

This series both thrills and teases me, and drives me bonkers! Even though I want to give up on it I just can't stop. Neill's writing is too addictive! I keep crawling back for certain reasons, and now that Jonah is going to be a recurring character I have to know what happens to him. Merit's latest relationship may annoy me with the dramatic short cut it took, but I am there.

Sexual Content: Plenty of sexual humor and some bedroom time.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

Originally reveiewd at Book Whispers.