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Embraced by Blood - Laurie London Posted at Book Whispers. Currently running a giveaway for one signed copy and trading cards.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

This second installment in the Sweetbloods series already had me captivated before I even picked up a copy. My two favorite characters from the first book where going to have a second chance at love! Alfonso is the true embodiment of bad boys, as he’s on the run from the Darkbloods he infiltrated and betrayed in the first book. My slutty gal pal Lily, who is a single mother, ends up on the run from Darkbloods because of her ability to sniff out Sweetbloods.

London effortlessly allows readers to find out where the good vs evil stands, and the love story, without dumping huge amounts of information all over the place. There’s good vampires (those who don’t kill humans) and bad vampires (AKA Darkblood radicals who kill-kill). Most humans are unaware of the vampires walking among them and the many battles fought over them. Sweetbloods are humans with “super” blood. It can make vampires stronger, and it’s allure is like crack.

Right up front I will say that this story was a bit more predictable then the first book—Bonded by Blood. The whole thing did feel a bit cookie cutter-ish. The romance between Lily and Alfonso getting there second chance at times had my inner cynic cringing at the ease of how things fell into place. Yet, the romantic in me couldn’t help but fall in love and enjoy the chemistry. What I did enjoy more then the first book is that both characters are vampires, so I felt like I got more dish on the creatures of the night then the first book.

This is one hot’n sexy vampire read! London takes the classic vampire into her own hands, making the world and mythology distinctly her own. Alfonso was well worth the wait, and I gladly crown him as the King of Bad Boys. Lily is a sexy and complicated leading lady who gets what she wants and can clearly take care of herself. Even if the plot was a little bit less then the first book Sweetblood fans will be very satisfied to have more of their favorite vampires. February 2012 can not come fast enough!!

Sexual Content: This book has plenty of steamy scenes and references to sex. There is a scene that takes place in a sex club.

Rating: 4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it