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The Darkest Whisper  - Gena Showalter It was clear that Sabin's love story was going to rock! Come on a guy who basically says that nothing is more important then his war, and doesn't want some woman to turn him into a simpering boyfriend, is going to be gleefully fun to bring to his knees.

The book starts out where the last one left off, the Lords breaking into a Pyramid where Danika's last vision/painting sent them to look for the latest artifact. What they find is even more evil wrong doing by the hunters. Mythical woman are being held and used as "incubators" to make the next superhuman generation of Hunters. Showalter's show of good and evil is refreshing as readers can make up there own mind by seeing the actions taken by both the Lords and the Hunters. It's a mind teaser seeing the Hunters—who think they are the good guys—blame every evil in the world on the Lords and then hurting children and women.

Gwen was a great character! She's a Harpy, a being who is so powerful that even bad girl Anya respects them and at one point she wishes she was one them. They love battle, blood, and all things dangerous. Of course, Gwen doesn't. She's Gwen the Timid! She likes safe boring, things, and wouldn't hurt a fly! Now that part was annoying, seeing a woman with so much strength afraid of herself. Yes, that was the journey of the book. Gwen finally being able to accept herself and deal with her blood thirsty ways. Her fears of her Harpy half are the true causes of her "accidents."

Sabin was an ass, and watching him fall in love really made my day. Seeing him finally come to the realization that he would step away from his all consuming battle with the hunters to be with Gwen was a great touch. Though the twist of who Gwen's father was is such an obvious plot twist that it killed some of the momentum for me.

Again the side stories here are amazing! Paris, Areon, and Torin take time to flesh out the story. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it when Gideon gets some page time to tell the story. He's going to be a fun character to read later on. Before this I wasn't very interested in him. Areon's Angel starker is clearly going to be tons of fun, especially with his little minion tagging along.

In the end it's decision time, and the results are . . . worth reading. The first book was awful (yes, I keep saying that), but once it's overcome the series reveals it has more to offer than "pairings". The battle of good and evil isn't black and white here, the Lords aren't saints. The Darkest Whisper is just what any reader needs for a nice dose of passion and action (of both kinds).

Sexual Content: Standard PNR love scenes. There are women that have been imprisoned and rape, while it’s never explicitly got into.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally posted on Book Whispers.