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The Darkest Pleasure  - Gena Showalter At this point I can now confirm that my enjoyment of book 2 was not a fluke, and the first book of this series really was THAT bad. Even with my fear that other books in The Lord of the Underworld series might be bad, the fact was I wasn't really interested in Reye's story. His demon is pain, and I kept having this fear that it would be some kind of chains and whips horror fest. Danika is a really interesting character that I've been fascinated with since the first book, and I feared pain would get in the way of that.

Again an author shows me that I have got to stop judging a book before I read it. Instead of Danika coming to a dark realization that she loves hurting people *cue evil laughter*, Showalter spins a tale of love so strong that over coming a necessity such as pain for pleasure is something that someone can overcome. Translation: Danika loves Reyes so much that she wants to help him, even if it means stabbing him every now and then. (Well that and a fantastic orgasms can literally transport you!)

Showalter spins a unique love story that's really sweet and tender, Danika is the first female lead that hasn't been a virgin and I enjoyed that. The trop that sex was never really that good until Reyes annoyed me. The side stories continue and they're amazing! Torin might have a little something starting up! Areon's suffering is truly fascinating, especially since a little scaly demon from hell comes up and seems a little overly infatuated with him . . . .

Paris. Paris. Paris. There is no way I can forget about him. If you thought the torture of book 2 was heartbreaking . . . forget about that! Cause it only gets more intense. He approaches Chronis himself to get his woman back, but things are never as simple as that.

Another great entry into The Lord of the Underworld series. The first book was dark romance, the second adrenaline spiked passion, and now a sweet and tender romance. The best part is all the side stories continuing throughout the book. Unlike JR Ward's work, were it gets overwhelming the bad guys, gods/goddess, and tons of other characters stepping in, the side stories don't overwhelm. Even though each book has a satisfying happy ending, the slow build up of all the side stories tantalizes the senses . . . and the possibilities.

Sexual Content: Steamy, dreamy, scenes! Nothing over the top basic PNR sex. Over course even if is basic, doesn’t mean it’s not hot!

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reviewed on Book Whispers.