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The Darkest Kiss  - Gena Showalter Ahhhhh, now this is what I’m talk’in about! The first book was like this dirty little tease. Bringing me in with the myth, but leaving me wanting for the main couple of the book. Now I have the best of everything, great mythology, good side characters, and a chemistry-exploding couple!

Anya is what I crave in a female lead; witty, a hard core warrior, and a woman who can handle her own sexuality to the X. Some might find her personality a little too slutty, but there's more to her then meets the eyes. The thing is Anya has never needed a man before and she wants everything her freedom can offer her. Even to the point of standing up to the Titans—who over threw the Greek gods from the last book. (In love with her yet?)

Lucien is the Lord of Death. He keeps absolute control on his emotions and actions, never letting his control slip. The secret behind the scars that mar his—obviously once drop-dead—face is pretty shocking, and it’s sad to dig up his past. It wasn’t just one huge pity party to get the reader teary eyed for the hero. It’s beyond enchanting watching Anya slowly break through Lucien’s barriers. When she actually made him smile I found myself fist pumping it and cheering her on.

As mentioned above Anya and Lucien’s relationship is an exploding addiction. When the other plot elements hit the page their story leaves you gripping the pages and staying up late to finish. Cronus—the new Titan in charge—wants Anya’s All Key, which allows it’s wearer to escape anything and shift to any location in the world by a thought. Cronus sends Lucien to kill Anya and get the key. Anya can’t stay away from her killer and Lucien can’t understand the feelings that would make him betray the other Lords. Anya can’t conceive why she is so obsessed with Lucien—to the point of being his personal stalker. She can’t imagine ever giving up her free will for a man. With all of these obstacles in the way it makes for a frustratingly brilliant tale.

To keep the fire burning Showalter adds in the POV of the other Lords. Paris meets a woman that he actually wants to take again—his demon of Promiscuity usually only allows him to take one woman once. Sadly she’s a Hunter and the events that happen are shocking. Reyes—Pain—has to battle his fellow brother to save the woman that has been haunting him since he let her escape.

This book is on fire!! If The Darkest Night left you wondering why this series is so popular, read this book before you make your final decision. When Showalter gets the chemistry right between the hero and heroine it’s an addiction that will eat you up and spit you out. The story isn’t just stuck on the love plot, the other brothers get enough page time that they become real. You can root for more than just the current hero. It’s heady and exactly what I was hoping for this series to have.

Sexual Content: This book is delightfully dirty. From Anya’s naughty outfits and sex talk, to Promiscuity hunting down some women for sex. The sex is hot and this will leave PNR fans with the perfect amount of the two kinds of action we love.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

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