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Mine to Possess  - Nalini Singh Absolutely beautiful in its painful truth, Singh pulls readers into the most stunning book in the Psy-Changeling series yet. It plays in the gray and utter pitch blackness of evil. Clay's dark and mysterious past has been a taunting tale only hinted at in the previous books. So when Talin tracks him down and is about to confront Clay despite her fear of him . . . I new things were going to be complicated.

At first Talin put me off, she was so damaged that I got frustrated by her. Then as only Singh can truly achieve, every emotional level, fear, and scar was laid bare. To be honest I got the sniffles a number of times. Then rage would kick in over the indignation of how Talin's childhood and future was stolen and altered by such horrific events. After that, the awe settled in. The beauty of overcoming those trials, and becoming such as amazing woman was . . . really there are no words.

Digging into Clay was another treasure trove. Watching Clay and Talin find and understand each other was the epitome of amazing. Their childhood friendship and trust blooming into such a passionate love. It tops all of the other books in this series. The sex wasn't just about finding a mate or giving in to new emotions. It was about trust. A kind of trust that was so pure.

There were a few things that cut back on my enjoyment. Some minor grammar flaws and then a spot where the the names of the characters got a bit jumbled. Singh has a strong enough voice that I knew who was really speaking, but it was annoying. Talin's "sickness" was so obvious that I felt more agitated that it was used as a plot device that was supposed to add a huge dramatic effect. Waiting for Singh to step up her plotting, I'm out guessing!

Despite those annoying flaws Psy-Changeling series has gotten better and better after each book. The introduction of the Forgotten and how humans bind the world with Psy and Changeling is a wonderful idea. The world is developed well enough that the books are starting to plot out farther and farther into the Psy-Changeling universe. Mine to Possess is the strongest book in the series, this is the one you don't want to miss. A tale of romance and passion, and the healing needed to out run demons of the darkest Hell.

Sexual Content: Again nothing overly graphic for a Paranormal Romance. Children are abused and some of the things done to them are chilling. Talin has some really horrible things happen to her. While nothing is told in graphic detail readers know what happens.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.