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Caressed By Ice  - Nalini Singh Holy hotty!! The idea of the next Psy/Changeling hook-up being a male Psy both thrilled and chilled me. As the last book said there's a reason it has been females that willingly left the PsyNet first. The take on the male emotions and drive give the Psy a new depth.

Brenna is the victim of the serial killer from the first book, Slave to Sensation. She's healed a lot since then, also buried a lot. While I didn't feel 100% convinced that she was acting how someone who had experienced all she had would, it's still well written. Her journey to completely healing was an insight to the power of a strong mind. I loved that while she wasn't a kick booty hero, she was a different kind of strong. A woman of such strength to heal from evil.

Judd is the yummy male Psy, not just any male Psy, an Arrow. An elite kind of secret assassin that “doesn’t exist”. Trained from birth to be a killer his conditioning was a lot more involved as his power is amazing, and scary. The complex process of Silence and the truth behind how individuals are brainwashed is a disturbing insight.

Yet. Yet . . . Step it up! The plot and mystery is so predictable still. Every twist, turn, and bombshell was so easily guessed. Grrrrrrrrr. It just took away from the suspense. Even Singh's amazing writing skills can not help to compensate this time. Sometimes I can predict things better than other readers, but after asking other book buddies who've read—or are reading—this series they agreed with me. Only time will tell if the later books show growth from Singh.

Judd and Brenna's story is hawt!! Feel the passion, even if the plot is a little lack luster. The books do get better and better. The insight into the Psy Council is just enough to give readers an idea where the PsyNet stands. The rebel Ghost is a huge dose of awesome! The idea of a rebel force building in the PsyNet, growing and then maybe one day over throwing the Council, is awesome!

Sexual Content: Brenna was tortured in book 1, there’s some dark stuff about that. Standard yummy Psy-Changeling bedroom scenes.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

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