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Visions of Heat  - Nalini Singh Boy things really did heat up! Who knew my prediction would come true right down to the name of the book. (Honestly, had no idea.) Singh takes readers even deeper into her stunningly cold world of the Psy through Faith. Faith is a an F-psy (Foresight), she's the most powerful of her generation.

Unlike Sascha, from the previous book, Faith doesn't have a connection to emotion. As an F-Psy she's been more extensively brainwashed by the Protocol. The depth of her brainwashing and conditioning is extraordinary. Faith is an amazing character from the beginning. Her powers have evolved and she's been experiencing horrific visions she doesn't understand that they are causing her to fear—though she doesn’t see it as emotion. However, she's not brainwashed enough to go to her own people about it. Especially once she realizes that the visions weren't random or madness, but the death of her sister. In an amazing show of strength she decides to find Sascha and get help.

Vaughn is immediately drawn to her. His jaguar knowing exactly what to do to push her out of her safe bubble and get her past her Silence blocks. It's amazing watching these two develope into their relationship. Vaughn's past is haunting, but not too overly done. After hearing his story I wanted to hold him, instead of laugh at the over tragicness of another PNR bad boy. Faith and Vaughn have such chemistry. The threat of a single touch could send her into seizures.

Readers still get a glimpse into the mind of Lucas, Sascha, and a few other characters. There are few parts that jump in on the Psy Council. It was great seeping into their disturbing thoughts, getting feel for how they think. The whole plot of Faith being haunted and attacked by a Psy serial killer is chilling. Watching as she grows into her gift is amazing, as most F-Psy go crazy. It's haunting that the Silence is the main cause of F-Psy going insane. The best part is the shocking truths about the NetMind.

There's a rebellion coming and seeing it slowly rising in the Psy is so tantalizing! The Psy-Changeling series clearly has an amazing world to grow into! The many facets of Visions of Heat are amazing, even if it echoes strongly of the first book. The emotions, growth, and heat of Faith and Vaughn's love story were tantalizing.

Sexual Content: Considering these books are about finding mates there not as detailed as other Paranormal Romance titles. They’re hot, but Singh relies on the emotions to bring on the heat.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.