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The Accidental Werewolf  - Dakota Cassidy "Holy color wheels, werewolf!" In that one exclamation, I think I cover AW pretty well. Considering the dominant themes of this book are werewolves, and lots of things going on with color wheels.

Off the bat the overall mystery of who is out to kill Marty was a dud for me. The author gives enough background that the whole concept is right there glaring at you before the first attempt on Marty's life even begins! Cassidy is not subtle with her hints, and I hate being able to pick up on things right from the start. Plus, the romance is just there. Readers always know where it's going, the author's job is to build up on it and make us want to read it despite the obvious happily ever after ending.

That aside, this is a beach read. Something to give you lots of chuckles and make sure you can finish by the end of the day. The perfect chic flick for paranormal readers. While the humor wasn't quite that funny for me, I know other readers are going to love it. Even if Cassidy relies a little to heavily on color wheel humor.

No, this is not the brilliance of Molly Harper, but you can get a few kicks and giggles out of it. Read it for the absurdity and quirks. After all how can you not smile about color wheels, weird werewolf growths, makeup, and a cute little love story?

Sexual Content: Quirky sex humor and a few bedroom scenes.

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.