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Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand Young Adult books with Angel themes have not been my best friends lately. Whether because the plot is so predictable, the characters are soulless, the worlds un-inventive, and many other flaws—most of them all in one read. So Unearthly was at the bottom of my reading list, and when I finally started it the start was a bit bumpy. Not only was it slow, but the author did something I hate when writing in first person too many Is and Mes. After the first, or so, pages I realized that the author had a new take on Angels and within a few chapters the bad first person eased up and I could sink into the book.

One of the main flaws is that this book kept a great pace and gave us just enough details to stay captivated, but it still managed to feel like a slow read. The book enthralled my mind and I was eager to read, but then after a bit of time I got tired of the sluggishness. With that said, this book was wonderful.

Hands knows how to write characters. Many times before I felt like I was reading about soulless beings that are just going through actions in a book without any rhyme or reason, especially the main characters. Hands has a talent with words that not only made the characters of her books real, but they soon became beloved friends that readers can be totally invested in. Every plot turn and twist had me holding my breath waiting for the characters deliverance.

There is clearly a love triangle here, and before readers completely dismiss this book it has to be said that this is a WELL done love triangle. I’ll admit that I loathe love triangles in young adults and it’s because they’re never well done or realistic. When I find a good love triangle, now that’s where the true magic begins. Unearthly has plenty of that magic. Clara is a great leading lady to be an Angel she has self doubts that we can all relate to, but can shore up her courage and resolve when she needs too. The author understands that people just don’t boom fall in love, it has to grown. Tucker reminds me of Wade from Hart of Dixie, loud and rude to his crush, but so sweet and thoughtful and one of the most beloved people around. Christian is the aloof and mysterious type that Clara is destined to save as her Purpose and thinks that maybe he might be her soul mate. Things don’t go how Clara expects.

With this first book Hands creates a breathtaking new angle on Angels and their purposes on earth. With such remarkable characters and beautiful attention to details the writing will captivate readers and transport them into the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (As someone who’s spent quite a bit of their life in the area I know the author has done a wonderful job.) Slow it may be, but your heart will beat with adrenaline, love, pain, and heartache. Unearthly hints at the unending battle between good and evil and tantalizes readers with a taste of angelic mystery.

Sexual Content: Kissing and making out, there’s contemplation of going further. The dirty talk is pretty clean as well.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it.

Originally posted at Book Whispers.