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Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Kenyon's Dark Hunter series is not my favorite PNR series. This spin-off made me nervous. Many readers told me that the Dark Hunter books get better a ways down the line, and I believe that with Infinity Kenyon has come a long ways.

I've only read about two books of her adult series, but I knew enough of the characters to enjoy the over lapping stories. Plus, this is years before the Dark Hunter series and it's beyond fun getting to see Tabitha the High School zombie/vampire killer! Nick fascinated me from Night Pleasures, and I was super stoked to be reading about him. If a reader has never read the Dark Hunter series you might feel like your out of the loop, but the story is still easy to follow with out reading those before hand.

The plot was tons of fun with the "living zombies" and the evil lure of the video game world! It introduced Nick to his Malachai status nicely, though the status of Malachai is never truly explained. Not sure if fans are supposed to already know from the other series, or if the reader is supposed to go off of hints only. So far I know it's a powerful demonic type that easily gives into evil and that somehow Nick is important to the end of the world.

All the characters are fun and I love Nick's relationship with his mother. It shows how much love a poor dirty-dancing mom can provide for her son. It also puts into play how one can over come bullying and become stronger because of it. Also shows that the bully may not be happy with their life.

Infinity is a great way for readers to enjoy the Dark Hunter world, but avoid some of the hang-ups that may have put readers off of the adult series. The time travel twist, cameos, and Nick's "born standing up and talking back" attitude is priceless. This book is great and brains will be spilled.

Sexual Content: Sexual humor. There are strippers and demeaning talk of mothers by bullies.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

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