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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Originally posted at Book Whipsers.

Genre: Paranormal Young Adult

This book is whacked. Plane and simple, but trust me it's a good kind of whacked. The kind that has fans as thick as the Harry Potter books—or dare I say even more then the Twilight Saga. There's nothing off limits in Clare’s Immortal Instruments series, and a reader can appreciate that.

Clary is our leading lady, who is soon to realize that vampires, werewolves, and faye are just the tip of the iceberg. She's plunged into the scary reality of monsters when her mother is kidnapped by the evil Valentine (much like the evil Lord Voldemort). Jace is the awesome man candy. Clare's writing proves that there can be more to the brooding male types. Jace has had a hard life and behind that rude mask he throws up, he's hurt and damaged. It's appreciated to get a male lead in a YA series that just doesn't stare and stalk people.

Each page is dripping in snarky wit and my favorite kind of sarcastic commentary. It helps that most of the smart-alec talk comes from Jace,—yummy and witty is a lethal combination. The other members of the cast have their own sharp tongues to add to the memorable one liners. Speaking of the cast, if you want one that comes this diverse you can't ask for a better book.

Every character is so well done that each one finds a way into the readers heart, even if they turn out to be unsavory sorts. Your in for the inside jokes, subtle hints or actions is all you need to know that something profound has just happened. My heart was running rampant with fear, adrenaline, anger, hope, joy, and love. This is the one series that always makes my heart ache with emotion.

Even after many re-reads and all of the other books in between nothing comes close to the City of Bones. This book is a legend, and it has every right to be. With a non-stop plot that makes you stay up all night to finish the book—no matter how many times you've read it—this is one title you will not want to say no to. Some readers may not like the turn of events between Clary and Jace's relationship towards the end of the book, but it's good in a shocking way that only Cassandra Clare would dare. Who can say no to a good dare?

Sexual Content: Kisses and making out, light amounts of homosexual themes. And a dash of incest.

Rating: 5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!