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Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock, #2) - Faith Hunter Returning back to the world of Jane Yellowrock has been something that's been consuming my thoughts for a while. The first book left such an impression on my mind, I truly loved Hunter's contribution to vampire hunters in UF.

Blood Cross is another fantastic adrenaline rush! The plot had me captivated as I tried to figure out what was going on. This is the book of vampires and witch magic mixing. The vampire lore really is refreshing and I love the concept of 10 years of madness before a vampire rises. Basically vampires are mentally unstable and events can set them off easily. It's very chilling.

Beast gets more stage time! It's wonderful watching Beast as she is clearly the more compassionate of the two, despite Jane being human. At one point Beast comments that Jane is only a hunter and killer. Beast has been a mother, experiencing and living more life then Jane. It's a shock to Jane, and it's one heck of turn that as a reader I just had to take an Ally McBeal moment. Because it's true, of the two I would say Beast is more human and is better equipped to handle human interactions.

Jane's romantic life takes a turn, that I hadn't expected and rather like it. More of Jane's past is revealed and she gets in touch with more of her Cherokee heritage. BC loses some of Jane’s killer edge. It's nice to see that she can research the heck out of a case besides just going in guns blazing. What I didn't like was how much weaker she seemed from the first book. She gets her throat torn open by friendly fangs, gets beaten up by the bad guys—unless they're baby vampires, and probably wouldn't have gotten by without tons of magical help. Jane was unarmed, or under armed, so much in this book I was starting to wonder if she had a death wish. Especially since there were children on board.

Also, I'm already seeing some overused plot devices. Jane having to get dressed up and look pretty for vampire formal functions is clearly something that's going to be seen in future books. (In my mind it's just a really lazy way to show that Jane isn't just a tough hunter, no she's a sexy lady with legs!)

In the end there are some plot holes here. Like Molly's children being taken, but they'd waste Molly's witch blood! The twist on Jane and Beast’s relationship is really refreshing, and I look forward to seeing what happens there. Jane's romantic life looks like it's going to be sticky in the future, not only because of the man picked, but because of Jane's heavy Christian beliefs. Now that Jane's taken up a contract with the New Orleans vampires there's even more promise for mayhem and good’ol UF fun.

Sexual Content: Beast is feeling a bit frisky with the full moon, so look out for some yummy make out scenes and plenty of sexual dialogue.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.