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Hidden (House of Night, #10) - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This is probably the closest I have gotten to giving a HoN book a 1/5 rating. It dropped the ball. It was like going back in time to early books and all of the things that annoyed me about them, minus good side stories.

First off Zoey. She's gone the way of annoying lead character again. Honestly, I couldn't stand listening to her thoughts and complaints. Yes, bad things are happening to her, but even the Goddess tells her she needs to grow up, quit bawling, and take action.

Also, this is supposed to be a book of redemption. Zoey, Stevie Rae, Rephaim, Stark, Aphrodite (well kind of), Kalona, and so many of Zoey's nerd herd have made so many mistakes. Some even started out evil, and they've found redemption and forgiveness. However, when other characters like Eric, Nicole, Aurox, and few others try to redeem themselves and change. Zoey and friends basically shut them down, acting like pissy hormonal teens. (Oh, that’s right . . . )

The nerd herd is rude and overbearing. Maybe since they've been through so much that they can no longer open themselves up to others? However, I don't think that's what Nyx would want. They are continually bickering amongst themselves. It was beyond painful. Not only having to deal with the bitter thoughts they all had, but then to have to “listen” to them fight. At one point I wanted someone to stop and go "Really think of all the bad shit you've all done, heck some of you have killed people? Remember?"

About book five-ish Zoey has turned into a character I don't want to read or listen to, other story lines have kept me going. However, since Zoey took up the majority of Hidden I couldn't even cling to that. Shaunee's un-twinning was fun and I could have used more on that. Erin turning to the dark side was great. Shaylin as a new character was truly fun, and watching her influence on Eric was great! Lebonia's romance felt rushed and just plain anticlimactic. I'm happy at the end results, but overall I wanted more.

Neferet's latest target? Well let's see Heath is deadish, Zoey's mom is dead, and it's not that hard to guess who's up next on the chopping block. Really this book was pointless to me.

Right now I'm not too big a fan of most of the characters. This was supposed to be the turning point, but I felt like more either reverted back to crying (yes you Zoey!) and others just turned bitchy and self important. Charcters I wanted more on were being smacked down all the time and given very little page time.

Sexual Content: Zoey gets it on a few times, but nothing as graphic as some of the previous books. Of course plenty of sexual humor.

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.