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Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh Fire-fire. Burn-burn! There's no doubt that Mercy's book would be amazing, and that whoever she got paired up with the sparks would fly. Riley being that other half, not what I had in mind. The way he treated his sister, in Caressed by Ice, with such overbearing control put me off. I just knew that Mercy would have to be the one to give, which would be a shame since she's one of the few female Sentinels featured in this series.

Since that was my biggest fear of the series I was surprised to find a middle ground met, in a way. Mercy is amazing!! It was wonderful to finally be in the head of a kick butt, no hold back female's head. Now I'm not saying that the previous women aren't amazing and 100% awesome. It's just nice to have a woman who doesn't need to have a man to save her. With that said Mercy doesn't escape being a damsel a few times. Riley and her hot relationship is wonderful to watch, witty banter, and hot sex. What's not to love. Best part is seeing Riley, AKA The Wall, totally get riled up by Mercy. It's clear her wildness is exactly what Riley needs to save him.

What I enjoyed the most was seeing how dominate females mate. Especially, the struggles that they go through. It was refreshing, but I just have to know. Why can dominate males be OK with betas, but females seem to have to have a dominate mate? Maybe it will be addressed later on, but the way Singh puts it seemed like that was the standard. And if the female couldn't accept that dominance . . . well it's not good.

It always seems that no matter how good the paranormal romance the series loses its way from the world building and just progresses to couples and bedroom scenes. Not happening here. The plot and impending consequences aren't forgotten. Something is building in the PsyNet. The world is changing with it. Every action has a repercussion. That, mixed with a scorching romance, will leave any fans incandescently pleased.

Sexual Content: Hot scenes and sexual humor.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.