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Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews Magic Burns could easily have passed as book one for the Kate Daniels series. In fact, I might have preferred it as the starting point. It brought more details about Kate to light, but not much. Then some of the more basic questions about the universe of the Kate Daniels were finally given a better explanation. The lack of world building and character depth on Kate were two of my biggest complaints on the first book. The focus on Magic Burns is much like the previous book—Magic Bites—the supernatural mystery. Since I like mysteries I can’t complain too much and the magic “wave” that comes up here is just too much fun!

Andrews shows us a side of both Kate and Curran that had been seemingly lacking in the first book—featuring compassion and personalities outside of killing things. A little girls live is at stake and it’s warming how both Kate and Curran do everything in their power to help this one girl. Kate still isn’t fleshed out enough for me. I. Need. More.

The monster isn’t as scary as the creepy animalistic rapist from the first book, but it’s definitely up there. A magic flare is coming up, where magic takes out technology for days to weeks. What was supposed to be a quick retrieval of some pack maps turns quickly into a gruesome battle between gods. Of course the evil god is trying to break through and become “real” on the human plane—which can only successfully happen during a magic flare.

Another fun entry to the Kate Daniel world. It helped flesh it out a bit more, but I still feel like it held a lot back. Fun characters come in and are not explored enough, mainly a certain goddesses’ horny “hell hound”. The buildup between Kate and Curran is definitely heating up, and I’m starting to see why the fans rave. With a better plot, tons of great action, and simply more Kate Daniel time—why miss it?

Sexual Content: As mentioned in the review, there is one horny guy/hellhound. Nothing too risky, unless you can’t handle the sexual tension building up.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.