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Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews All the rumors are true. Book three, Magic Strikes, is where this series really makes it into the big leagues. So where does that leave Magic Bleeds? It leaves it at a status of being even better!! That’s right Magic Bleeds was even better then the epicness of Magic Strikes.

It picks up at the much anticipated “panty breakfast ” and the sparks fly immediately as Kate and Curran bump heads. Of course the leaves things into a beautiful mess. Kate decides to court Curran the Lion shifter way, and from there it’s great one liners and laughs all around. Andrews doesn’t stop there. (And no I won’t go into details for fear of ruining it.)

In the last book Kate practically told the captain of her nemeses' army who she is. Now that she’s opened herself up to friends and having loved ones, her nightmares are coming true. Everyone is at risk, especially since her evil aunt is sweeping into town to take out the shape shifters. Kate’s too good to ignore this threat and soon her aunt is all too willing to take her out. This leads into epic battle scenes that I have come to crave from the Kate Daniels series.

This is a book of change that will leave fans spinning exorcist style. Curran and Kate are hooking up in ways that fans couldn’t have dreamt up more perfectly. Kate ditches the Order of Merciful Knights, for something better. Andrea’s—Kate’s hyena shifting best friend—relationship is beyond fun and it’s truly just as appealing as Kate and Curran’s “struggles”! This has been said by many fans before me, but it’s only truer because I doubted it. If you read book one and two and didn’t think the series was that great, hold on. Keep. Going. You will become a convert. A very devoted convert.

Sexual Content: Oh, dirty and steamy. Ahem. Sex 7 times within a 24 period (wink-wink) and all the other great bits we’ve come to expect from this series.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.