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Violet Midnight - Lynn Rush Right off the bat I was put off. A vampire with a mark that starts to glow when vampires are near? Sorry, but that’s just stupid. First off all the hunter has to cover up the mark so no one notices, which begs to question why the glow. Secondly if the hunter forgets about it then they’re just glowing out there like good vampire bait. Then the magic weapons pulled out of thin air happened and I was all in! Yes, girl and their toys.

Emma is a college student by day and a vampire hunter by night. She keeps a low profile and only has a few select friend. She’s mind wiped a few—which to me is kind of crappy—and does what she needs to to keep under the radar. However, after months of quiet the vampires are starting to attack in clusters. Something is up, and then Jake steps in.

While the name is kind of common in the genre, the man is not! There’s some great chemistry here! Which I love you just can’t top great chemistry to get your blood pumping. The action scenes are edgy and only add to the great passing of this book. It’s the perfect kind of action.

Sure there are a few minor problems that irritated just a itsy bit, but the over all funness of this book. It’s a great action book highlighting the fun bits of why readers love vampire hunter stories.

Sexual Content: It’s clean for the kiddies.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.

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