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How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper Immediately promising to be another brilliant laughter filled ride by the genius of Molly Harper. The cast is just as colorful as her Jane Jameson series. Mo is a great character with just the kind of laughable family background you come to expect from a creation of Harper.

My giggles couldn't be contained and I was loving all the crazy humor from Mo's hippy parents and her attempts to escape their over bearing parental needs. When we meet the hunky Alaskan Cooper I was already swooning and enjoying his lone alpha attitude as Mo unwittingly seduces him. It really is an enjoyable romance and I enjoyed the slow build of emotions and the hot wild Alaskan nights.

Then the middle of the book started to kick in, where poor hikers and neighbors start getting chewed on by "wild" wolves. Mo knows these killings are too smart for normal wolves, it has to be werewolves. Cooper's past isn't exactly spotless and she starts to doubt him--especially since Cooper isn't 100% he didn't do it. It's obvious who's doing it, and why. Harper's mysteries haven't always been the most cleverest, but I felt like this book shouldn't have even bothered with it. It didn't help to solidify much in the story, and I actually enjoyed watching the build up of the relationship and other characters much more. Though I can't say it didn't serve some kind of purpose, it was just so obvious it lagged the book down.

Not Harper's greatest work, but it has a lot of promise and it gives us our Harper humor fix. The beginning and end is tons of fun, and helps to over look the lagging plot line. Book two is something I'll be checking out!

Sexual Content: Some pretty spicy scenes, however nothing to wild for a paranormal romance.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reveiewd at Book Whispers.