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Awry - Chelsea Fine Addiction baby! That's what every reader craves from the books they read. While the writing for the Archers of Avalon series isn't the most brilliant or stunning, the story is captivating. Even better is the connection I feel with the cast of characters, both the main and the side characters. The humor and romance blend so well together! It's a pleasure to read a book that makes me go "ahhhhh, happy bunnies" and then giggle at the latest inside joke.

Unlike some books where the love triangle is dragged on with no progress ever being made, Fine has taken some dramatic action in Awry. Scarlet isn't some wishy-washy petal puller here! No, she knows what she wants. Even if her memories are lost to her. She's strong enough to trust herself, and that's rare in leading ladies.

Besides the dramatic chase for the fountain of youth the stakes soon become higher as something has changed the way the curse works—meaning someone might actually die. Accompanying all that action is the chapters that reveal the past, how Scarlet came into the lives of the two twins. Who she fell in love with first and how she ended up engaged to Gabriel. It's amazing!

Again Fine leaves readers on a huge cliffhanger! Probably even more dramatic then the last book! (Is that even possible?) Before I "!" you to death, just take the hint. This series is an absolute addiction, doing everything just right! The romance is something that my cheesy little soul craves from paranormal YA, but never gets! Don't miss this series!

Sexual Content: Sexual humor, making out, still despite all the steaminess it’s pretty clean.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

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