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Bunny and the Bear - Eve Langlais Delicate Freakn' Flower is what originally turned me on to Eve Langlais writing. Much like that book, Bunny and the Bear did not blow me away. The sex scenes were OK, and the "plot" that underlines the whole romance is pretty neon-sign-glaring obvious. But it's a ton of fun, with giggle worthy animal innuendos, and wackiness. We all need a little wack. Plus, I love funky animal shifters . . .

The romance really isn't a romance. It's immediate lust on sight and I never actually felt that the romance was built during any part of the book. The sex is mild, and while there's plenty of better steam bringers out there, this will do. It also didn't help that both Chase, the bear, and Miranda, the bunny, where very cookie cutter characters.

The raunchy humor mixed with all of those animal innuendos just made my day. Especially, since it was play on words for Bear and Bunny things. Honey pie. Yeah. Chase has a serious obsession with Miranda's, nether regions and all of the ways he was pining for it just made me laugh. It was great reading the next silly thing he was going to say about getting into the honey pot, or getting that picnic basket.

It's clear this book has plenty of funk and wacky , just what the book doctor ordered. However, I've read better erotica out there. I'm a firm believer if the plot and romance isn't good, the bedroom scenes should blow you away, and vice versa. (At least when it comes to erotica.) Bunny and the Bear is for laughs, it's not here to leave a big impression.

Sexual Content: Lots of sex. Plenty of raunchy sexual humor, and beast

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.