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The Darkest Kiss - Keri Arthur Despite the fact that the last book wasn't quite up to par with previous ones, The Darkest Kiss comes out swinging. Popping the story line with two mysterious creatures on the loose killing people and a very complicated plot to piece together. The emotions are even more revved up and my heart was on the line with the characters. Sassy, edgy, and of course sexy this may be one of my new favorites for the series.

It might be weird to say that the murders were really fun in this book, but for me I got a kick out of them. After all it has to be amusing when one of the villains is a cat in heat (no I won't say more). The other one is connected to some past high school gang initiation. All for it spells for amusement, that's not to say that this Riley book is comical. Not at all. It's very dark and has a lot of gore.

Riley has changed from the last book after her heart was broken by her break up. She knows what she wants now and being a free and loose werewolf is not part of her plans. Besides the moon heat she doesn't want to deal with men anymore. Which is kind of refreshing for this series. Things go south for me towards the end when a certain vampire steps back into her life. It's just too hard to believe that Riley would forgive and forget his mind controlling that he did before!! There were a lot of "No-no-no-nos" running through my head. Especially since the stripper from the last book comes back into the storyline and there is clearly more there than meets the eye! We're exploring the wrong relationship here!

Despite Quinn stepping back into the storyline this has to be my new favorite entry in the Riley universe. Death and sex mix chillingly together to add an edge to the mystery. Seeing a different side of Riley's character is very refreshing and seeing her realize that the men in her life aren't at fault for all of her romantic issues is a great wake up call. The last few chapters of this book are going to have reader staying up all night and well into the morning to finish so be forewarned of the addiction ahead!

Sexual Content: Sex and murder mix. Riley of course gets some bedroom scenes.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reviewed on Book Whispers.