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Deadly Desire - Keri Arthur The Riley Jenson series covers a lot of magical creatures. The classic zombie and sorceress(es) are up now! Again the mystery wasn't exactly original here, but that's not where this book is drawing it’s “steam” from. It shows the hard part of the law as humans can get away with harsh disgusting crimes, when supernaturals would be simply put down at the first hint of suspicion. It’s chilling, and more then a bit frustrating as Riley frantically tries to get "proof" to put the bad guys away.

As mentioned in my previous reviews Quinn is not a love interest I've liked very much. Arthur's mastery of her world and characters is staggering here, and I can say that I've been converted! That's the power of Arthur's writing. To develop a character, that I kept hoping would get killed off, to a whole new level that if he dies I'll probably stop functioning for a bit. No really, total crying fest. Quinn is amazing and I'm glad I listened to a GR friend who told me that I would be blown away and singing a different tune. Riley and Quinn are beautiful together, and I love how Riley can admit that she never truly gave Quinn a chance. After all it takes two.

Kye was a mysterious figure from Embraced by Darkness, book 5. He comes back and it's amazing that as a reader I only gave him a brief glance and thought, he'd make an interesting love interest. Boy does that come back to bite me in the butt. Riley has an undeniable attraction to Kye and he her. He's a killer, a basic lunatic. A control freak who might actually be able to out best Riley in a fight. Kye is everything Riley fears becoming, and she doesn't want the emotions she feels for him. In the end things end up cruel as fate can't leave Riley in peace, or dish out any happiness.

Emotional torture. Each book ramps up the emotions and I can't help but gleefully follow along. This book is harsh and painful. It grates on the nerves and leaves readers feeling just as hopeless as Riley. No matter what other readers are saying the Riley Jenson books are clearly epic works that both Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance fans are going to love.

Sexual Content: At this point readers should know.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it.

Originally reviewed on Book Whispers.