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Bound to Shadows  - Keri Arthur "Emotional torture." That's what I said about the last book. Well this one is about a million times more torturous. Really, I don't have words for the scale of emotions that I went through. This book made me frantic and edgy. There was no living with me until the last page was turned.

For the previous book I used the words "harsh and painful" to describe it. Well this one was an abrasion on all the senses. This book was hot and sexy, I felt the shame of feeling attracted to Kye just as much as Riley. Every time the bond of soul mates pulled her to him I seriously screamed. Hope is completely crushed in this book as Kye targets Riley's loved ones. He might not want the bond, but he'll control and have Riley no matter the cost. Readers are going to feel sick.

Arthur continues to build on Riley and Quinn’s relationship. At this point I would probably take a grenade for Quinn. He's amazing. Simply. Amazing. There are some things Riley, and readers, will probably never know about Quinn. But that's OK. We have enough of him right now to know him in the present. Despite the big questions Quinn is clearly all in. Riley is one lucky girl.

The mystery of a string of vampire murders has just the right kind of edge. As vampires and humans become restless and war might very well break out. The killer(s) were obvious from the get go, but readers will play mind games with themselves. It's hard to accept who's behind everything, simply because I wanted to hope. While this works for the mystery, it doesn't work for the "surprise" death. The character who dies is one of my favorites and his death fell flat because just like the killer(s) you could see it from the beginning. It was a necessary thing to kick Riley into action. Just like Riley I'll probably never be able to fully forgive her for her actions.

At this point my head is spinning with the choices that Arthur will make in the final book. It's hard to continue wondering if fate will let Riley have some kind of happy ending, or if things will only get worse. Many readers have already warned me off. My thoughts are nothing can be more painful then Bound to Shadows.

Sexual Content: Seriously you know, steamy read. Not erotica.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed on Book Whispers.