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Embraced by Darkness  - Keri Arthur For me this was the weakest book, which considering how awesome this series is does not make this a bad book. Not in the least. However, every series has one book that just seems to lose some of the punch.

The mystery in Embraced by Darkness is probably where I had the biggest issue, because it was weaker then the other books and I could actually predict who the villains were and how everything was connected. Riley—again!!—kept leaving her weapon behind, and someone is basically out to kill her!!! (No really she has a hit man after her.) She kept making stupid mistakes because she didn't want to become a killer like her brother. Unlike, the previous books I found her struggle to remain "human" fell flat on it's butt, and left me feeling annoyed.

One thing EbD succeeded at was the emotional build up. Riley and Kerren's relationship is seriously going somewhere and I love them as a couple. Riley is having to face how she is sabotaging her own relationships and realizing what she really needs and wants. The journey is beautiful and only nearly dying can bring Riley to the truth. The ending of this book is heart breaking and the thing I loved—and despised—about this book.

In the end there is no turning back, Riley fans can't give up. The murder mysteries each book solves are fun, but at this point it's clear I'm going to stick around for Riley's love life. It's addicting getting heavy does of fast past action (of both kinds) and the adrenaline rush each page turn brings.

Sexual Content: Some lesbian and bisexual themes, though that’s not too new it’s just a bit more prominent. The serial killers in this book are nasty. The things they do to the women my not be sexual, but it is sickening.

2/5- Average/disappointing, library check-out

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.