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Dangerous Games  - Keri Arthur This is book 4 for those wondering. Because somehow I messed up and thought that this was book 3. With that said it picks up pretty easy from book 3, in fact I didn't even realize I had missed anything for pretty much the whole book . . . of course I kept wondering, "Did I forget how and when Riley became an official Guardian?" Which makes me wonder about book 3's importance to the series.

Moving on. This is Riley's first book where she is "officially" a Guardian, I love it. It show's off Riley's struggle to not become a cold killer (making her do stupid things like leaving her weapon behind!!!) and how she's learning to fit into the "new" role. Like the previous books Arthur show's off her skills for making complicated plots and mystery solving. Riley is facing a Death God and spawns from hell. This is also the book I've been waiting for to mature Riley's character as a booty kicker, but her romantic life as well.

Quinn does some pretty crappy things in this book. Now I'm not saying this because I've been anti-Quinn from the get go. No I'm saying this because he's basically a manipulative prick basically abusing Riley’s trust to a degree that made me sick. Some might say I'm blowing up his actions bigger then what he did, but he basically goes in her mind and tries to change her. While that awful relationship ends, Kerren finally gets to come in a bit!

This is a strong entry into the Riley Jenson universe as it steps away from the whole evil laboratory cloning plot from the first three books. It's clear that this series can stand on it's own after that epic plot arc ends, which is fantastic. It's great to watch Riley grow and finally take a real stance on certain things. It's a painful book emotionally and that's what I've come to love about Arthur's books. Making it this far, I have to say I'll follow this series to where ever it goes, and probably any books by Arthur.

Sexual Content: Sexy as always. Riley does use sex for her job as a Guardian, some readers may have a problem. But if you’ve made it this far, it’s not going to shock you.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it.

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