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Kissing Sin  - Keri Arthur It's back baby, and better then ever! Riley wakes up naked in a strange city. She's unaware how she got there, but soon finds out she's been missing for a while and is in a hidden laboratory/experimental facility. What's nice about this second installment is that the full moon has already passed and Arthur shows off her skills, blowing readers away with this crazy plot. The gene/cloning experiments are down right chilling in many parts of the book. Makes me want to start protesting gene experimentation.

Despite the plot not revolving around the Moon Heat, it's still sexy! Sick of the sex hang-ups in other UF/PNR titles, let's have a woman own her sexuality! Of course Riley delivers. That hot mystery werewolf from the first book gets to step in and it's so great to have a love interest that I want Riley to get with. He might not get some front stage time yet, but I'm there! Yeah, I'm anti-Quinn. So far he's been a fun tumble in the hay for Riley, but I don't feel the emotions. In fact, everything he does makes me want Riley to dump him. Arthur keeps throwing in stuff like "we had a connection that just can't be explained" and junk like that. Please let your reader feel it because the only thing I'm feeling is Quinn's distaste for what, and who, Riley is. Except when he's getting some sex time.

It's also fun watching Riley claim she doesn't want to be a guardian as fate pulls her into the role, and her complaints really aren't that convincing. She's going to be one no matter what. This is Riley's book of revenge from Talon and the bad guys need to get brought down a peg or two, yet the hero's don’t really win. It's a battle and no one is quite winning the war yet. Also, I can't emphasis enough how much I love that Riley has to work and solve the mystery! It's great to read a smart book and a smart lead.

This is a heart attack of a book. My ereader could not keep up and I felt deprived I had to wait a second longer than necessary for the pages to turn. A fantastic follow up to a great new series and I'm hungering for more. The big master mind behind everything is looming on the horizon and I'm gnashing my teeth with a need to know! Strange enough—for me—I want to know what's going to happen next in Riley's love/sex life. In the end a sexy thrill ride with explosives (in and out of the bedroom) and a plot arc that I take my hat off to.

Sexual Content: These books are hot! Riley does have casual sex, however this is not anywhere near erotica so ease your mind.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it.

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