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Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill A standing ovation!! Neill actually listened to me!! She read my very first reviews of Some Girls Bite and gave it to me! (OK, not likely.) While many fans found the "big shock" of Hard Bitten horrible—many were left feeling mutinous—I was jumping for joy and doing a happy dance. I've said my peace on that, moving on.

Neill seems to forget that not every reader is fond of Ethan. This apparently was the book that readers should like Ethan he’s changing, wooing Merit. There are many points made that while Ethan made the choice to choose the House over Merit, she does the same thing. My problem is that Ethan didn't choose the House over Merit, he was afraid. He ran like a scared little kid and gave up Merit. Merit keeps secrets for a while, but ends up telling Ethan that there are some things she can't tell him. Secrets that are not hers to give. Big difference.

There are moments in a series where authors of amazing skills (such as Keri Arthur in her Riley Jenson series) can take a character that isn't well liked—even hated—and redeem them. That was what needed to happen to Ethan. However, I'm having my doubts about the Neill's ability to create good character growth. Other characters still annoy me and they seem to have bipolar disorder with jumping personalities.

The mystery was really fun, while it didn't surprise me like the last one it was really well developed. Something was missing with this one. (Yeah, I know I got what I asked for and I'm still moaning.) Three huge plot developments occur and yet the majority of the book felt like filler. The bright side is Jonah, Merit's Red Guard "partner", he's amazing. Oh, I hope he gets to move in on Ethan claim of Merit.

Sexual Content: Plenty of sexual tension, making out, and humor.

3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.