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Twice Bitten - Chloe Neill Ahhhhh, finally a satisfying mystery! It was great thinking that I had solved the mystery before the big reveal time and than wham! Neill finally pulls the wool over my eyes. It was glorious! Love books that surprise me and it was soooooo great.

Of course my first complaint is about Ethan. Never really liked him (yes I mentioned how I'd like him to get killed off). Neill expands a bit and tries to show a softer side of Ethan. However, it didn't do much for me. The change in Ethan's tactics is so drastic from the last book that it was unbelievable for me. Then when he finally gets to taste the forbidden fruit he turns out to be what I had originally thought he was: an absolute jerk. Right now I'm just praying that Neill can crank out some great character development so that I can like Ethan—cause he's the man candy that poor Merit is stuck with.

Other things took away from my sheer enjoyment of a mystery well done. The other characters such as Mallory and Catcher just annoy me to death, Morgan's fall to total man-child-of-rudeness-and-stupidity just tics me off (he seemed so great in book 1 and than boom true colors.) The vampire magic and GP is still fuzzy, underdeveloped. The saving grace were the shifters and my beloved Jeff. His developing romance is wonderful. Plus the question of what kind of shifter he is tantalizes readers!

Merit is invited to join the Red Guard by Noah, head of the rogue vampires and apparently a secret society working against GP to maintain balance. The idea behind it is really exciting, but I was disappointed by the reasons she for her choice.

In the end my like and dislike of this series makes for a fun and frustrating read. Love the author’s writing style and humor, not fond of her characters. However, I'm addicted despite it all. The big shock in the next book, if what it is what I think it is, is keeping me on board for sure.

Sexual Content: There is a sex scene (no I won’t say who with) and plenty of sexual humor.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.