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Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas Honestly I thought I was going to like this one. The Darkest Seduction was an intense read, and I enjoyed it's sick twisted ways. Comfort Food was just not for me.

The idea of being stolen, and then brainwashed and slowly broken down is a fear that I would hold up higher then torture, rape, and even death. Which is funny because fear of death is high up on my list of things to be afraid of. It’s the idea of losing yourself, and not being able to stop it. Even though you know what is going on.

Despite Thomas's strong writing and my enjoyment of her other works I couldn't sink in. This book made me sick. The characters made me angry and unable to feel for them. When Emily allows her captor to fondle her within a few hours just for a meal, then in about a day she needs human contact . . . well I couldn’t feel that. The weak will, personally I’d rather starve—yes, completely aware how painful that is. The Master of this book did it all for his selfish reasons, and everything was done knowing that he could get away with something like that. Emily was the perfect victim.

Now I know many of my GR friends loved this book. In the end I couldn't get over my own fears and dislikes. It was like a slap in the face. Nothing to justify the actions of her kidnapper and brainwasher. Plus, weak characters do nothing for me and Emily is beyond weak. However, I will say Thomas’s writing is as well done as usual. Other readers are going to love this one.

Sexual Content: Ladies, it a Kitty Thomas book. Sex, sex, explicit sex, fear for you minds!

1/5- I couldn't finish it or wish I hadn't

Originally reviewed on Book Whispers.