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The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay I’ve decided that the Charlie Madigan series reminds me of the Anita Blake books. However, where the Anita Blake books are morbid and sharp like a pale white skeleton, Charlie’s world is well fleshed out and has meat in all the right places. Even though the magic of the Madison series is more far out and there’s three worlds in different dimensions here, if asked I’d say the Madigan story could happen over the Blake books. Gay is just that talented.

Charlie is back and the world is already smacking her down and abusing the ones she loves. Her daughter is growing up and put a stake out for a little independence. Some of Rex’s true past life is coming forward, and Charlie may have just found away to get her husband back. Bryn is suffering side effects from the Ash addiction that actually caused me to cry like a little girl. DEoD just beats the crap out of all the characters and every word off the page punch’s the reader in the gut with the emotional weight.

Doom and gloom isn’t all that fills the pages of DEoD, not by a long shot. Things evolve between Charlie and Hank that I hadn’t quite seen coming. In fact, the heat that comes off of these two reminds me of Kate and Curran from the Kate Daniels series. Unlike the Kate/Curran romance I can instantly fall into the emotional connection the two have. In a fan girl approach to this review, Hanks hotness level just hit record highs!

DEoD really puts into play the mythology behind “Heaven and Hell” and mixes in a little dose of Christian mythology. It’s great seeing how the three plains all effect each other. A dark revolution for the Jinn and hell, a war between the Nobles of Heaven and Hell is just on the brink. Charlie and Hank are on a fight against time with seemingly all powerful villains continuously popping up. Things just keep heating up in the Charlie Madigan series.

Sexual Content: Some sexual talk and humor, brief nudity, still really clean though.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.