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The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe ****Review copy received through Netgalley for an honest review.****

After the last page turned I could hear a haunting melody still weaving its way through my mind. To this day I can say only two other books have ever done that to me. I admit that The Sweetest Dark didn't have the intensity of those two titles, the point is that this book did sing.

Abe is an author I've heard many wonderful things about, yet I've been putting off for fear of being let down. Yeah, I do that a lot. The writing style reminds me of some of the most magical epic fantasy writing I've read, but mixed with a posh style of solid Historical Romance.

With the words "Those nights, in the sweetest dark, we shared our dreams." the tone of the romance is set (plus the basis for the title). It's beautiful and heart wrenching. The sweetness of first love and the bitter shock of loss. This book deals with grief, war, death, fear, madness, and the cruelty of humanity. That's not to say that the magic of simple acts and pure emotions doesn't balance it out. Not to mentions the magic of dragons and stars.

Many fans will know what's going on and probably be leaps ahead of first time readers. For first time readers the mystery of what dragons, or "drákon", truly is will just barely be answered. There's many questions and hints of what happened to the drákon race, are there only two left in the world, and so much more. My head was spinning with the possibilities.

Adult only readers should find comfort in the maturity of this YA title. Abe does a beautiful job and fans shouldn't be too upset about the age difference here. After this glimmer of the drákon world I know I'll be checking out her adult series. Fans of fantasy can not miss this title, especially fans of dragons. Don't be mislead thinking this books is "just" another YA historical romance soap opera. It's so much more.

Sexual Content: Mild sexual content, and some sexual talk. This is a historical setting around the time of WWII so it’s like elegant sexual content.

5/5- Fabulous, a beautiful obsession!

Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.